19 February 2017

'She doesn't want to be a man or a woman -- she wants to be your love.'

Unknown Mortal Orchestra -- Multi-Love
It's really bizarre. I stumbled across this song and it was love at first listen, even though it reminds me at times of things I usually dislike -- for example that melody which first happens at 0:32 reminds me somewhat of Russian 'popsa' (mainstream pop). I know it's just a stylistic/contextual thing, but it's an association I cannot for the life of me undo. 

But this song is still exceptional in some strange way -- the way it sounds like pop but through a lens of humility and some sort of deep-seated tragedy, the way the visuals move through a kind of vertiginous mise en abyme universe which is narrow but also infinite... The way in which it ends with that echoing and pitchy dulcimer sound, which slips through major and minor like a perpetually tossing ocean doomed to eternal restlessness.

And that relatable lyric --  'She don't want to be a man or a woman --she wants to be your love.' ...

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