29 July 2017

"And it's high time I found myself on the road"

After about 300 days of opening a DAW every single day, I honestly thought that not seeing one for 5 days would make me a happier person, but I don't really think it has. Instead, I can't wait to get back to it all.
Don't get me wrong -- taking time away is a godsend, especially in a beautiful place like East Sussex (which is where I currently am). I am still thinking that tomorrow when I leave the place I will be hit very hard by post-holiday blues. But I sort of can't go away any more (it seems) without experiencing a nagging feeling that I am missing something. It used to be the opposite -- how times have changed!

But one of the things I have been really happy about is that I've managed to do some reading that I don't usually do. This has included Derrida, an introduction to logic, and last but not least, something I am going to share because it's just too good to miss -- a PDF book for musicians about DIY electronics which breaks down basic electronics terms and then guides the reader through projects. Here is the link.

Oh, in case you're wondering where that quote is from, it's from that very lovely song Absent Friend by Bark Psychosis that I shared a few days back. It's been the soundtrack to this trip...

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