30 December 2015

The Swedish film you never saw: Mio Min Mio

This was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid. It's a Swedish 'Neverending Story' of sorts. My sister got a set of pan pipes just so we could play the theme tune. It's so funny how in the last variation on the theme in the video it just goes through loads of funky key changes. What's not to love?

23 December 2015

11 December 2015

Field Hymns Records

I cannot for the life of me find out how to embed Bandcamp links in posts. but you can find the link to the Field Hymns label here.It's a really intriguing little label, probably because so many of the releases cite early tape music and synth pioneers as influences. One of the artists, Foton, is actually the person behind Curd Lake who I posted about earlier this year. That's their album art below.