8 April 2020

Brothers Christ -- Too Late

Took a deep dive into my old YouTube playlists because a friend of mine was curious what I used to listen to... and I found... THIS.

This is still me. I am still this!

2 December 2019

Hannah Fury

Since finding out about Hannah Fury via this amazing mix, I haven't been able to stop listening to her songs. It sounds like the ghosts of Kate Bush, Sufjan Stevens and Julee Cruise gathered together to record some music.

While her music really comes with a "goth-girl aesthetic"that's not to everyone's taste (certainly not to mine) there's something so magical about her voice, that vibrato she has which with several vocal layers sounds truly mesmeric.. And the lyrics of tracks like "Trapeze" and "Carousel" are so heartbreaking, in that distinctly autumnal way (although I know we are in winter now --gosh, who would believe it?).

My advice to listeners though -- don't watch the videos or look at the graphics unless you're a fan of this aesthetic (which I hope no one reading this blog is. No offence). The artwork for Subterfuge is pretty cool though, and it's probably my favourite album of hers.

21 October 2019


New me found old me. Finally, I think I'm whole again! Thank you, C├ęcile Schott AKA Colleen...

25 August 2018


I live in a town which is closely linked to Alan Turing's life. One of the first pieces of public art commemorating him is just a few miles from where I live. His work has always fascinated me, and I even spent my last birthday at Bletchley Park - I still have the annual ticket. I must remember to give the place another visit in the next two months!
Anyway -- I heard this lovely song on a French radio programme dedicated to Alan Turing this evening. I can't believe I've never heard it before. I'm a big fan of the chorus vocals, and the outro makes me remember being 16 and playing with my first synth in a sunlit room for the first time in my life (oh to go back there) ...I'm convinced that if it wasn't for Alan, synthesizers and computer music would not have developed as fast as they have. 

21 January 2018

I Went Too Far

Aurora -- I Went Too Far

It's very helpful to see someone my age having things so together but in such a vulnerable way. Honestly, who last wrote a lyric as vulnerable as 'I went too far and kissed the ground beneath your feet'? 

I actually get a weird angry feeling when I watch the first minute of this video, because the audience laughs at something that really cannot be laughed at. I don't know, maybe the "bag of something that's not so sad" just makes all too much sense to me.
That's one of my pet peeves: when people laugh at things that are profound, or even sacred. I think sense of humour is actually a really interesting way of telling if you and someone else have similar souls. If you laugh and cry at the same things, then you're probably compatible. I don't think I'd be very compatible with the people who laughed.

When she starts singing, I feel as though her greatest merit (apart from that colossal voice) is that she seems to be terrified of something greater than her, while simultaneously being in control of it. I always hark back on that in this blog, like I did here for example (although it's not explicitly stated). I guess I just like the idea that creativity is about being at the mercy of exterior energies. Being completely out of control in a controlled way.

Anyway, enough ramblings -- listen!

19 January 2018