21 January 2018

I Went Too Far

Aurora -- I Went Too Far

It's very helpful to see someone my age having things so together but in such a vulnerable way. Honestly, who last wrote a lyric as vulnerable as 'I went too far and kissed the ground beneath your feet'? 

I actually get a weird angry feeling when I watch the first minute of this video, because the audience laughs at something that really cannot be laughed at. I don't know, maybe the "bag of something that's not so sad" just makes all too much sense to me.
That's one of my pet peeves: when people laugh at things that are profound, or even sacred. I think sense of humour is actually a really interesting way of telling if you and someone else have similar souls. If you laugh and cry at the same things, then you're probably compatible. I don't think I'd be very compatible with the people who laughed.

When she starts singing, I feel as though her greatest merit (apart from that colossal voice) is that she seems to be terrified of something greater than her, while simultaneously being in control of it. I always hark back on that in this blog, like I did here for example (although it's not explicitly stated). I guess I just like the idea that creativity is about being at the mercy of exterior energies. Being completely out of control in a controlled way.

Anyway, enough ramblings -- listen!

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