19 April 2015

Творожное Озеро (Curd Lake)

Unfortunately, it's not very often that good contemporary Russian music emerges (sorry -- not sure if I have licence to say that). All the more delightful, therefore, is the discovery of a Russian electronic music project that ticks all the right boxes. The music of Curd Lake (Творожное Озеро) is just so indescribably uplifting, so absolutely permeated with optimism and the spirit of summer. Hearing it for the first time last January was akin to flying from a Northern country to a Southern one, coming down the 'airstairs' and feeling a total change of climate, breathing and tasting the exotic.

What's really unfortunate is that Curd Lake was a one-off project, recorded mostly in summer 2013 and later abandoned. There's hardly any information out there about the enigmatic persona behind the music; all I've found out is that early 2014 saw the end of Curd Lake. In a way, I appreciate the decision, because it's too often the case that talent is unsustainable, and that the first songs are followed by second-rate material.It's a disappointing realisation. Having said that, I do so wish the person behind Curd Lake would reanimate the project, because it is easily superior to 80 % of the music currently being recorded (or maybe I'm just not looking in the right place).

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