16 April 2015

Stockholm Vol.1- Stockholm Music and Arts Festival

It would be absolutely impossible to write just one post about Stockholm, so this is the first from a series. Stockholm Music and Arts was the first day festival I went to (back in 2012), and it didn't fail to live up to my expectations. It might have had something  (or everything) to do with Bjork being on the lineup, but I think that the atmosphere contributed. The festival takes place on Skeppsholmen island, which means you have the best views of Stockholm's Old Town, and you're surrounded by sea, so enjoying live music in a beautiful setting suddenly becomes a reality. It was truly incredible, despite the fact we were knackered after a very long flight. Hoping to go back to Sweden very soon!


 ...I'm always for 'taking pictures with your eyes' rather than with a camera, especially at music events, because only that way you enjoy the moment. But there's really no denying the power that a photograph has in bringing memories to life.

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